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Exhibitor Housing Information & Policy

The HIMSS13 Official Hotel Partner, onPeak
onPeak is the official housing provider for HIMSS13. It is a mandatory policy and part of the HIMSS13 exhibit space contract that all HIMSS13 exhibitors book hotel rooms through onPeak. If rooms are not booked through onPeak, freight will be denied at show site. Additional hotel information will be posted once available.

Note: Non corporate member exhibitor housing will open October 8. Information will be sent out to all non HIMSS Corporate members that are exhibiting at HIMSS prior to that date.

Q: Why do exhibitors have to book their accommodations through onPeak?
A: Convention centers allocate exhibit space to shows based on the amount of hotel rooms picked up. Convention center management may and often will reject or reduce exhibit hall space requests because hotel rooms are not filled proportionately through the housing block. Therefore, to ensure our hotel block is full and that we receive the exhibit floor space needed for all exhibitors, all exhibitors are required to book housing through onPeak. Please reserve your hotel rooms now through onPeak.

Q: What will happen to my participation at the HIMSS conference if I do not secure my accommodations with onPeak?
A: Any exhibitor who does not follow this procedure will not be permitted to exhibit and will forfeit all monies paid to HIMSS. Freight will also be denied at show site.

Q: When will the housing block open for me to begin securing my hotel rooms?
A: Housing will open for all exhibitors on October 8, 2012. You can reserve your hotel rooms online or you can contact onPeak at 877-517-3038.

Q: Is there a way to receive Exhibitor Priority Points by securing my housing through onPeak?
A: Yes, if you make your hotel arrangements early, you will receive extra priority points:

Q: How many rooms can I block?
A: If you have not exhibited with HIMSS in the past, 4 rooms per 10x10 will be granted in your room block allotment. Any companies requiring 75 or more rooms on peak night will receive a separate agreement from HIMSS housing bureau, which includes the following terms and conditions:
More than 75 rooms at one hotel:

More than 10% over 2012 actualized rooms:

All reservations will be held on TBA basis until these dates based on your level of membership:

All names must be received on or before your deadline date. If names are not received by this date, all rooms without names will be cancelled. Unused room nights will be released back into inventory. You may cancel rooms without penalty until Friday, January18, 2013.

Room reservations will be based on your choices and room availability. If none of your choices are available, onPeak will contact you to discuss other options and you will be put on a waitlist for up to three of your original choices. Please be advised that every effort will be made to fulfill your expressed wishes if it is possible to do so.

Q: How much of a deposit do I have to put down to reserve my room block?
A: A non-refundable two-night room and tax deposit per room is required to secure your reservations. You have two options for submitting a deposit payment:

Q: Can I make any changes to my room block after making my reservation?
A: Changes to reservations may be made until Friday, January 18, 2013 without penalty. Any changes made after Friday, January 18, 2013 may be assessed a $15 fee per room reservation.

Q: Can I change hotels after making a reservation?
A: You may transfer hotels until Friday, January 18, 2013 without penalty. After this date, changing from one hotel to another is considered a cancellation at one hotel and a new reservation that are both subject to the deposit policy.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?
A: Reservation(s) may be cancelled until Friday, January 18, 2013 without penalty. All cancellations made after Friday, January 18, 2013 will be assessed a two night room and tax deposit. No exceptions! All cancellations should be forwarded in writing to onPeak.

Q: What is the Exhibitor/ Attendee split?
A: To ensure that our attendees (your customers) are able to secure hotel rooms in the hotels within our block, we mandate a 60/40 split in the hotels. This means that exhibitors are allotted 60% of the rooms and that attendees are allotted 40%. This balance also lends to additional networking in the evenings at the hotels where both exhibitors and attendees are staying.


Contact Information

For logistics and production inquiries, please contact the HIMSS13 Exhibit Service team:

Elli Riley
Director, Exhibits

Virginia Geoghegan
Manager, Exhibits

Eileen Keating
Coordinator, Meeting & Exhibit Services
(312) 915-9545